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1 Planning an Upshernish in Crown Heights


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Upshernish Planner

Crown Heights - Sample

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When a boy turns 3 and has his hair cut if he following are customary to begin if they are not already being done (Hayom Yom 4 Iyar)
__Yarmulka Yarmulkas
__Tzitzis Tzitzis
__Birchas Hashachar & full Shema         Childrens Siddurim Plus
__Birchas Hamazone
__Full Shema at Bedtime

Also the boy is taken to a yeshiva where he...
__Is carried in wrapped in a tallis
__Is showered with candyies by the other children            Prepared Bags
__Reads alef bais with the rebbe   Laminated Alef Bais
__Licks honey off the page he read from

Upshernish Books Plus

First Questions
__When is the anticipated date?
__How many people will you be expecting?          Invite List
__Will you make a seudah, have hors d’eouvres and  light food, or have cake and light   
    refreshments ?
__Will you serve milchig,fleishig or parve?
__Will it be in a home or shul? Shuls
__Will you use an event planner, caterer or do it yourself?    Event Planners    Caterers

If you use an event planner you will still need:
__To make arangements with the school
__An alef bais page with homey   Laminated Alef Bais
__Candy bags to throw Prepared Candy Bags

__Some people have childrens entertainment or crafts    Kids Entertainment  Crafts

__If you will not be using an event planner, caterers generally have 3 options Caterers

Everything from the set up to clean up

Setting up the seudah

Providing prepared food platters and salads.

You will still need

__L'chayim Wine & Liquor
__Some purchase a cake shaped like tzitzis or a sefer Torah          Specialty Cakes

If you will be catering yourself...
__Challah, Rolls or Bagels, Cake Bakeries
__Main dish (fish, dairy or meat)

__Tables Table & Chair Rentals
__Table cloths
__Serving Dishes & Utensils Paper Goods
__L'chayim cups

Clean Up
__Food storage containers
__Garbage bags
__Broom & dust pan - generally provided by the shul
__Mopping might be require

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